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Download IveBeenFramed.ipt
I've Been Framed!

In the Fief of Bemenunc ruled by a Coalition, a character must undergo a Trial by combat.
He has been framed by A magic item - sword, relic, wondrous item - and if found guilty of Terrorism, his punishment will be Bestow Curse. The prisoner loses 6 off his ability score. That is devastating, possibly cutting it in half or worse. Forcing them to become an imbecile is a good way to keep the person useful doing menial chores without needing high security. The GM can also craft their own Curse effect, such as 50% chance of lying down every six seconds - itís hard to escape while taking a siesta.

Fief - Land or office granted to a vassal. Ownership is technically still with the granting lord, but revenue and production is given to the vassal. The lord technically retained the right to seize the land in case of disloyalty.
Coalition - A coalition government, in a parliamentary system, is a government composed of a coalition of parties. A coalition of parties is also an electoral fusion. The union of different political parties or groups for a particular purpose, usually for a limited time.
Trial by combat - Fight to the death, winner is innocent

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Written by Adrian Salo

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