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Joe Mays' Gladiator Description Generator

Coniquam Sie the Brutal

A middle eastern female, 16 years old, 5 ft. 9 in., 167 lbs., brown eyes, shaved black hair, broad face, light makeup. Those who know her say she is "confident" and "unforgettable". A Pontus from the lands of Pontus, she was born into a peasant village. As a young woman, she attacked the Roman forces in her homeland, and was captured, enslaved, and sent for sale in Rome. Talent for the gladiatorial arena was instantly obvious, and she was immediately put up for sale as a gladiator. At this moment, consumed by bloodlust, she longs to hear the roar of the colisseum.

Bidding for this slave starts at 450 sesterces.
Etito the Laughing

A middle eastern male, 17 years old, 5 ft. 11 in., 184 lbs., black eyes, long brown hair, flat face, no distinguishing marks. Described with the word "gracious". A Pontus from the distant land of Cappadocia, he was raised in a starving home, from which he became greedy. When the legions came, he was sold into slavery by his countrymen and sent off to Rome. It was his own request that put him on the auction block to be a gladiator. In his heart, he doesn't look forward to the killing, but he will do what he must to be victorious.

Bidding for this slave starts at 200 sesterces.
Cubsceei the Pig

A latino male, 14 years old, 5 ft. 2 in., 138 lbs., green eyes, long black hair, broad face, distinctive piercings in his left cheek. The words most often used to describe him are "perverted" and "cautious". An Iberian from a farm in Taraconenis, he had a loved childhood which left him kind. When the Romans arrived, he was forced to stand by as his mother was viciously raped, before he was caught and sent off to Rome. Originally, he was expected to be a laborer, but he was put up for sale as a gladiator when his owner needed the money. The rumor in the bath-house concerning him is that he has the signs of being a winner.

Bidding for this slave starts at 50 sesterces.
Coeside the Violent

A latino male, 22 years old, 5 ft. 6 in., 153 lbs., blue eyes, medium-length black hair, angular face, stubble. Those who know him well call him "cynical", "graceful" and "humble". An Iberian from the strange land of Hispania, he was born a slavein Rome. Impulsively, he offered to be sold as a gladiator. In truth, he is full of doubt, but he will never let it show.

Bidding for this slave starts at 200 sesterces.
Auirma Nondii the Cobra

An african male, 17 years old, 6 ft. 2 in., 190 lbs., brown eyes, medium-length black hair, round face, moustasche. Often, he is described with the words "confused" and "commanding". A Carthaginian from a farm in Cyrenaica, he had a peaceful childhood which left him kind. When the Romans invaded, he joined the underground when his city was mercilessly decimated, but was caught and sent off to Rome. Lust for combat was clearly recognized, and he was immediately put up for sale as a gladiator. It is clear from the curl of his lip he is a loser.

Bidding for this slave starts at 500 sesterces.

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