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Download Cocktails.ipt
Burnt Apricot Brandy Morning served Warm
Irish Brandy and Amaretto Tornado
Kiwi Smooth Nitro
Prune and Kahlua Cow
Bourbon Schnapps Pagoda
Hard Cider Flameout topped off with Blackcurrant Soda
Salt and Blackcurrant Nectar
Bourbon Lime Liqueur and Grapefruit Juice Kidnapper
Bright Rum Gutter Kisser
Cherry and Sugar Frenchman Slush
Seltzer Jailhouse Cat
Celery Pink Fizz
Rich Heavy Sunrise
Wine Sugar Syrup Six-Shooter
Ale and Lemon Forest Rattlesnake ...Stirred, not Shaken
Anisette African Heaven
Rum Vodka Screw
Ale Hammer
Thrilling Shock to the System garnished with Salt
Galactic Grapefruit and Vodka Champion

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