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Download Cocktails.ipt
Brandy Blunt Instrument ...Stirred
Scotch Hillbilly Stinger topped off with Apple Slice
Sour Assault
Pineapple Soda Egg and Apple Ballbreaker
Dixieland Lager Brain Surgery
Yellow Right Cross ...Stirred, not Shaken
Demonic Espresso Witches Brew
Rum and Steamed Milk Flying Pyre
Bourbon Ukrainian Brew
Tomato Juice Gutterball
Soda Locomotive
Hazelnut and Irish Cream Roman Sour
Tasty Chameleon
Scarlet Flameout
Ice Cream and Raspberry Barbie garnished with Pepper
Whiskey Purple Assassin
Schnapps and Beer Rum and Plum Executioner
Heavy and Searing Gargleblaster on Ice
Peruvian Tsunami
Sweet Cider topped off with Vermouth

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