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Download Cocktails.ipt
High-Octane Rough Brunette
Soft Sailor
Rich Cement Mixer on Ice
Texas Aftershock (comes in a souvenir glass that you can keep!)
Pink and Brown Chi-town Cider
Absinthe and Champagne Mary
Wine Cool Haymaker topped off with Lemon Peel and Jalapeno
Thrilling Republican
Anisette Stinger on Ice
Kahlua and Rhubarb Prune Haymaker
Pear Starlight
Bottomless Espresso Martini
Stormy Bahaman Urbanite
Tropical Absinthe and Orange Peel Killer
Galliano Wine
Indigo Sweetened Smoothie
Scotch Devil's Brick
Soft Assassin
Soda Honey
Sugar Syrup Rough Splash

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