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Download Cocktails.ipt
Caramel Cool Cider
Blonde and Midnight Black Delight
Currant Brandy Sling ...Chilled
Kahlua and Schnapps Indigo Anvil
Blinding Apple and Jello Zipper
Tahitian Alien garnished with Celery
Chilly Vodka Mantis
Vodka Hairy Brew on Ice
Tingling Maiden on the Rocks
Grapefruit Hole garnished with Soda
Cinnamon Earthquake
Attic Fast Orchid
Black Transylvanian Burnout with an Umbrella
Spicy Grapefruit Schnapps Tea
Dallas Sunrise
Alcoholic Storm Front above the Sheets
Absinthe and Gin Splash
Painful Sleeper
Rum Blitzkrieg
Steamed Milk Peach Cider Jet Fuel

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