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Download Cocktails.ipt
Pan-Galactic Witch
Grapefruit Eclipse
Burgundy Tigershark
Scotch Coffee
Plum and Blackberry High-Octane Barbie
Stormy Pagoda
Spooky Englishman Annihilation
Sea Peach Juice and Irish Cream Aftershock
Cider Stripper topped off with Cider and Club Soda
White Chocolate Buzz (comes in a souvenir glass that you can keep!)
Scotch Clam
Peppery Pipeline garnished with Pineapple Juice
River King with an Umbrella
Whipped Cream Murderer on the Rocks
Whiskey Black Hole
Bald Californian Bug Juice
Diving Uprising
Belgian Tibetan Mallet
Shining Liver Medicine
Vodka Pineapple Juice Champion

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