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Grenadine and Sloe Gin Flasher
Beer and Celery Brandy Flameout
Redneck Lemon Juice Heart Medicine
Sloe Gin Cow
Celery Cider
Forest Whiskey and Plum Cider
Valley Melon Shock to the System
Plum Brandy Caramel Jello Bug Juice with a Lemon Twist
Pepper Avocado Jello Firecracker on the Rocks
Rum and Cherry Yeti
High-Octane Green Blunt Instrument
Whiskey Peruvian Madness
Vodka Magic
Wildberry and Jalapeno Diamond Tiger
Sherry Blazing Dynamite
Apple Liqueur and Prune Soda Yeti
Bourbon Tasty Granddad
Hard Cider Tornado
Mountain Showboat
Moonshine Special

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