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The Alchemist's Cookbook
Recipes, Ruminations, and Potions

This material is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.

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  • 6 teaspoons frozen Ygreclefreb fire giant
  • 22 fluid ounces crushed elephant
  • 1 pint Ting hafium juice
  • 1 ounce Throrsik chimera poison
  • 1/3 quart Zuywyax bronze

  • Directions
    Put water in a large double boiler and heat but do not boil. Stew all the gem ingredients in a seperate double boiler, mix till well blended, and place in double boiler. Add all remaining ingredients to the double boiler, stirring slowly. Add lazurite chunks to taste. Let mixture boil 78 minutes. Serve.

    Garnish with
  • 19 cups Tyræilæiliel dyprosium extract
  • 3 pounds diced Málædæl minotaur

  • Notes - Sorted by Age and Relevance*
    Aenasrendien's cookbooks showed that 1 in 103 people experienced the following symptoms: alopecia, asthma, autism, cataplexy, cramps, double vision, dry mouth, ectopic pregnancy, fugues, menorrhagia, paranoia, priapism, sneezing, zits. Do not eat if you or a family member are pregnant, nursing, of childbearing age, have a history of or are at risk from beriberi, cholera, conjunctivitis, croup, gastric ulcers, mastitis, rabies. If negative symptoms persist, see an alchemist immediately.

    Bew's handbook concluded that paladin, rogue, sorcerer and soldier's are at 83% more risk to the effects of this recipe.

    Pritafias, Erisholezien's cookbooks indicated that monk and fighter's have a 90% immunity to any effects of this recipe.

    Ikewar, Bloth, Thoda's test concluded that farmer's have up to 1% immunity to 1/8 of the effects of this recipe.

    Puttebat, Deusfuindi, Saebe's cookbooks showed that neutral good, lawful good and lawful evil aligned characters are at 84% more risk to any effects of this recipe.

    Uhisien, Fridrye, Piviclevia's essays concluded that chaotic evil and chaotic good aligned characters have a 94% immunity to 1/3 of the effects of this recipe.

    Tirædænnal's journals showed that chaotic neutral aligned characters have up to 52% immunity to 1/6 of the effects of this recipe.

    Tyrelael, Krysendlir's manual indicated that Drow's are at 42% more risk to the effects of this recipe.

    Krysilidrial, Thraerlan's scroll concluded that Water Elemental's are at 17% more risk to the effects of this recipe.

    Uegraco, Imide, Quodstuno's journal concluded that Halfling's have up to 26% immunity to 1/7 of the effects of this recipe.

    Syphasach, Opimius, Chawien's guides indicated that cleric's are at 90% more risk to the effects of this recipe.

    Safro's scroll showed that Elf, and Human's are at 42% more risk to any effects of this recipe.

    Exuacoo, Uipiho's guide showed that lawful neutral aligned characters are at 80% more risk to any effects of this recipe.

    Gradrin, Kukrak's observation showed that there is a 32% chance that character will become addicted or dependant to the recipe. Addiction will require 6+(Number of days addicted) successful Will savings rolls in a row to cure.

    Independant laboratory experiments have shown that each time the victim takes 13 or more damage from this recipe, he must make another Fortitude save or 1/9 of all damage incurred is permanent.

    * Because of variations in test conditions, recorded studies may have yielded varying results. Newer studies are generally more accurate than older studies, but it is ultimately up to the GM to interpret these results.

    Copyright © 2003-2006, NBOS Software. "Dwarven Beserker" and "Relic" art by V. Shane.