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Harry Wilson's Classic Plot Generator

Act I - Victor arrives to rescue Stuart , who has been condemned., Victor goes to war against Aaron .
Act II - Amy offers Victor temptations in order to discover his sex., Amy loves Victor , but he is hated by her kinsman Herbert .
Act III - Victor rapes his daughter Amy , Herbert decides to slay his wife Victor for his lover Herbert .
Act I - Kilgore finds himself in a natural disaster., Kilgore suffers the destruction of his home., The nobleman Kilgore struggles against his rival the king Edgar to win the affections of Ofelia .
Act II - Kilgore discovers his son Ian is condemned under a law Kilgore himself has made., Kilgore and Ian , who are near-equals, struggle to win the affections of Ofelia .
Act III - Kilgore loses his position of power through passion., Kilgore rescues Max , a soul in captivity to error.
Act IV - Kilgore sacrifices his life for that of a relative., Kilgore sacrifices love for the sake of the State., Kilgore recaptures Ofelia , slaying Will ., Kilgore pursues Will to revenge being robbed.
Act V - Ofelia `s husband Ian and her ex-husband Kilgore fight for her affections., Max is rescued by friends, especially Ian ., Ofelia decides to slay her husband Kilgore for her lover Will ., Ofelia hates her father Ian .
Act I - Herbert rapes his daughter Sue , Herbert struggles with the believers of a deity.
Act II - Jealousy is sacrificed for the sake of a cause., Edgar test Herbert to determine his mental condition.
Act III - Herbert suffers the unjust punishment of his boss Dave ., Herbert is foretold of Paul `s death.
Act I - Ned suffers the ingratitude of the child Vivian ., Ned is on the point of unknowingly violating his daughter, Sue ., Ned carries the top secret map , protecting it against Stuart .
Act II - Ned is punished for pride before a deity., Ned must sacrifice his daughter Sue in the public interest.
Act III - The dream woman Kate and the normal woman Sue fight for the affections of Ned ., Ned and Sue can't get married because they have conflicting temperaments.
Act IV - Ned is a fugitive from justice, pursued for robbery., Stuart causes own misfortune through curiosity., The dictator Carl is overthrown.
Act V - Ned and Sue can't get married because they are of unequal rank., Sue is on the point of unknowingly committing adultery., Ned and Sue can't get married because their relatives oppose it., Kate causes own dishonor through imprudent action.
Act I - Ben , out of ambition and covetry, heaps crime upon crime., Edgar test Ben to determine his mental condition., Ben discovers the dishonorable secret of his father, Stuart ., Ben causes own misfortune through imprudent action.
Act II - The nobleman Ben struggles against his rival the king Carl to win the affections of Amy ., Ben feels remorse for adultery., Amy is perverse and betrays her good husband Ben for commonplace rival Stuart .
Act III - Ben sacrifices the ideal of honor for the ideal of faith., Stuart witnesses a crime. To shield Amy, he lets accusation fall on the innocent Ben .
Act I - Garry `s imprudence causes parent Imogen `s death., Max is a fugitive from justice, pursued for political offenses.
Act II - Max and Ethel can't get married because they have conflicting temperaments., Max attempts to obtain the stolen book by means of persuasive eloquence., Ethel gives up an antagonistic husband, Max , for a congenial lover Jack ., Max finds himself in a natural disaster.
Act III - Max must sacrifice his son-in-law Jack for the public good., Garry captures Ethel .
Act I - Garry prepares to lead a revolt against Carl and his henchman Aaron ., Paul seeks help from Garry , who is the lover of Mandy , Paul `s mother, on Mandy `s behalf.
Act II - Garry finds that his boss Carl , who once had favored him, has forgotten him., Garry sacrifices modesty for the life of a relative., Garry is pursued for a fault of love - Garry and his sister Mandy are in love with each other.
Act III - Garry is foretold of Paul `s death., Garry pursues Aaron to revenge being robbed.
Act IV - Garry is on the point of killing lover Mandy ., Garry is a cop, and pursues the criminal Aaron .
Act V - Garry suffers the destruction of his home., Herbert implores Garry `s boss Carl for help against the evil Aaron ., Aaron attempts to obtain the high-tech weapon by means of force.
Act I - Carl pursues Ben to avenge the attempted dishonoring of his mistress Wendy ., Wendy ruins her health through passion., Carl recaptures Wendy , slaying Ben .
Act II - Carl pursues Ben to revenge being robbed., Temptations destroy Wendy`s sense of piety.
Act III - Wendy is in love with her stepson Carl ., Carl must sacrifice his daughter Wendy to fulfill a vow to God., Wendy hates her father Ned ., Carl arrives to rescue Kilgore , who has been condemned.
Act IV - Carl betrays his mistress Wendy for a young woman, Imogen , Carl attempts to obtain the magic document by means of force., Carl struggles against a deity., Carl sacrifices his life for the sake of his word.
Act V - Ned seeks help from Carl , who is Ned `s lover, for Ned `s sibling, Kilgore ., Carl suffers the ingratitude of his beloved Wendy ., Carl must fight with his friend for the public good.

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