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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

Hollywood Freedom Sun

Raquel Welch Disappears

It's not often one gets to see ....

The Inquisitive Voice

Gnu Finds Way Home To Tennessee

To crowds in the streets of New York ....

Confidential People's Magazine

My Father Was In Sexual Tryst With Fattest Girl

It has long been rumoured that ....

The Insightful Gazette

Dog Speaks With Dinosaurs!

It's not the first time, and it won't be the last ....

Today's International Express

U.S. Vice-President Devours Two-Headed Man

There can no longer be any doubt that ....

The People's Public Voice

Deadly Nosferatu Ravages Boy!

It will come as no surprise to readers of this publication that....

Top-Secret Local Enquirer

Skinniest Man Known: "My Son Was The Child Of The Cat-Boy"

Inside sources revealed today that....

The Today's Insightful Herald

Congressman From Vermont Stalked By Evil Nessie

Saying "Now that's certainly what I call 'plucky'," a ....

Reader's Skeptical Observer-Tattler

Vision Of Buddha Appears In Dreams Warning Of Explosion

Once again ....

Insider's Observer

Joanne Woodward In Romantic Fling With Alley Cat-Girl

Laughing at the memory ....

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