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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

Inquisitive Times

Baby Boy: "I Was In Passionate Affair With Ruthless Dictator"!

Last seen in Wisconsin ....

The Skeptical Insightful Express

World's Largest Child Is Taken Over By The Prince Of Darkness!

The word on the street is ....

Public Globe

Dalai Lama Is Pregnant With Hunchback!

Once again ....

Entertainment Confidential Spy

LeVar Burton Works For Leader Of U.N.

Reliable sources report that ....

Celebrity Insightful Speculator

Dog Saves Debbie Allen

Religious leaders are baffled by ....

Modern People's Magazine

"I Was A Love Puppet For The Secret Service," Confesses Tom Cruise In Press Conference!

Last seen in Washington ....

Secret Whistleblower

Dog Saves Skinniest Person From Flood

Everyone in Mexico City is talking about what happened ....

Nightly Skeptical Telegraph

Fossilized Skeleton Of Giant Squid Is Found In Wales

The word on the street is ....

Public Rumour

Passenger Plane That Mysteriously Disappeared In Bermuda Triangle Last Week Reappears In Buenos Aires

Observing "I seen the whole thing," a ....

The Today's Entertainment Tattler

Lyndon Johnson Advocated Devilish Wizardry Techniques

As reported last Saturday ....

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