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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

The Inquisitive Local Press

Tallest Boy Known Is Wanted By Dog-Boy!

Experts confessed ....

Insider's Skeptical Digest

Dracula Served The Bad Guys In WWI

In the late morning last Wednesday ....

Freedom Democratic Extra

Carol Burnett Wrote About Holocaust

Reports continue to come in concerning ....

The Public Modern Planet

Wolf Finds Way Home From Tennessee

It has long been rumoured that ....

Modern Observer

Miss Cleo Predicts The End Of The World Before The Year Is Over

Reliable sources report that ....

Public Dispatch

Letters of Isaac Asimov Reveal: "I Worked For The Russian White Slavery Cartel"!

"I seen the whole thing," said a bystander on the scene....

People's Confidential Gossip

Kevin Spacey Disappears In Holocaust

Everyone in Poughkeepsie is talking about what happened ....

Inquisitive Midday Press

Evil Genius Seeks To Loose Ghoul Against Everyone!

In what some are calling the news story of the year ....

The Modern Courier

Al-Qaeda Is Profiting From Occult Powers

Religious leaders revealed ....

The Entertainment Area Extra

Sea Monsters Want To Destroy Jakarta

As described last Friday ....

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