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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

The Popular Today's Dispatch

Proof That Nixon Raised Super-Intelligent Men From Outer-Space

To crowds in the streets of Maryland ....

The Today's Times

Our Staff Psychic Prophecies The End Of The World Next Year!

Experts are baffled by ....

Modern Insightful Post

Cattle Mutilations The Work Of Evil Magic Gang!

How long will it be before something is done about ....

The Democratic New York Digest

Giant Man-Eating Sheep Destroy Buenos Aires

Crying "Now that's certainly what I call 'plucky'," a ....

The Reader's Free Voice

Lobster-Boy Is Actually 189 Years Old!

To crowds in the streets of Massachusetts ....

The Reader's Scandal

UFO's Seen In The Sky Above Lima

Reports have been coming in concerning ....

Modern Rational Gossip

Man's Family Were Birds From Space!

Weeping at the memory ....

Popular Inquisitive Satellite

Queen of England Was Personal Servant Of Secret Leader Of U.N.

Government spokespersons released ....

Modern Public Herald

Freak Explosion Flattens Home Of Boy!

Reports have been coming in concerning ....

The Free Reader's Mirror

Jon-Benet Ramsey Was Rubbed Out By Little Green Men

In the early evening last Friday ....

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