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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

The Confidential Whisper

Reports That Underground Terrorist Network Lied About Undead

Last seen in Oregon ....

People's Spy

Winged Bat Born In Washington!

"I've never seen anything like it in all my years on the force," a ....

Inquisitive Release

German President Warned About Pestilence Before The Tragedy!

Once again ....

The People's Local Item

British Prime-Minister Controls Al-Qaeda!

It has long been rumoured that ....

The Secret Modern Confidential

Satanist Conspiracy Is Hiding Occult Powers

As described last The Weekend ....

The Today's Leader

Chicago Will Be Destroyed By Earthquake Tomorrow Says Holy Man!

Last seen in Utah ....

Confidential Insider's Leader

Canadian Prime-Minister Secretly Elected Head Of The Illuminati Via Clever Ploy

In what some are calling the news story of the century ....

Insider's Courier

Mole-People Are Stealing Our Sons!

Inside sources revealed today that....

The People's Insider's Reporter

Brook Adams Loses Life In Mental Domination Mass

Weeping at the memory ....

Free Popular Release

The Aliens Building Army Of Mole-People!

Laughing at the memory ....

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