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Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline Generator

Secret Democratic Looking Glass

Ben Affleck Devours Oldest Girl

It's not often one gets to see ....

Free Looking Glass

Zombie Is Killed

It's not often one gets to see ....

The Public Express

My Parents Were Enemies Of Powerful World Organization!

Experts are baffled by ....

The Foreign Telegraph

Saint Joseph Seen By Worshipful Armless Pair Of Siamese Twins In Poughkeepsie!

It will come as no surprise to readers of this publication that....

The Rational Gazette

Lucille Ball Unearthed Noah's Ark

It's not often one gets to see ....

The Afternoon Reporter

Baby Boy Rescued And Raised By Super-Intelligent Woman From Another Galaxy

There can no longer be any doubt that ....

The Insightful Gazette

Rabbit-Child Is Possessed By Demon!

Everyone in New York is talking about what happened ....

Insightful Celebrity Reporter

Millions Gather To Weep Before Grain Silo With Impression Of Mohammed!

It has long been rumoured that ....

Popular Public Times

Deadly Android Terrorizes Shut-In!

How long will it be before something is done about ....

Today's Entertainment Release

A Mysterious Cult Conceals Facts Of Tsunami

Weeping at the memory ....

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