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Welcome to - the GMs not-so-secret online toolkit! Here you'll find a number of random generators that you can use as inspiration for your campaign or fiction!

Site News

New! Inspiration Pad Pro Mobile Web App!  (11-19-2011)
Now you can have easy access to many of the generators here at on your smart phone and tablet! Point your device to the Inspiration Pad Pro Mobile Web App!

I've been framed!  (10-13-2010)
Straight from comes Adrian Salo's urban plot generator for the falsely accused.

Endless Plots!  (04-14-2010)
Keep that campaign going with Harry Wilson's plot generator and sci-fi plot generator!

Spend that gold!  (03-11-2010)
Time to hit the town market with Joe Mays' Bazaar Generator!

Its back!  (04-28-2008)
Make even more potions and concoctions with Sean Murphy's newly updated Alchemist's Cookbook #2!

Whats cooking?  (02-19-2006)
Need to brew up a quick elixir? Or an enchanted ointment? Get the recipe with Sean Murphy's Alchemist's Cookbook!

Grab your cestus and head into the arena!  (09-13-2005)
With Joe Mays' gladiator generator! Or, if you prefer chariot racing, find yourself a trusty steed with his horse generator!

What a heat-wave!  (08-04-2005)
What's the weather like in your campaign world? Find out with Melrick's weather generator!

Extra Extra!!!  (07-02-2005)
Read all about it! Find out who's an alien and which celebrity battles zombies with with Joe Mays' Tabloid Headline generator!

It's happy hour at RPGInspiration!  (05-17-2005)
Whether it be Gan bei, Na zdravie, Salud, Prost, Skĺl, or simply Cheers, you'll enjoy Joe Mays' Cocktail generator!

Need a man or woman on the street?   (05-05-2005)
Then use Eric Slankard's civillian generator to create a few - complete with Tri-Tac system stats!

It's all Greek to us   (01-04-2005)
If your world has an ancient Greek-like culture, you'll find Aaron Stimson's Greek City Name generator very handy!

Harn-style name generator   (12-12-2004)
Need a quick human, sindarin, khuzdul, or gargun name? Try this generator by Dennis Dutton!

Modern Names collection   (11-10-2004)
Dave Maple's collection of modern name generators, featuring Chinese Female, Chinese Male, French Female, French Male, Japanese Female, Japanese Male, Spanish Female, Spanish Male, Western Female, Western Male, and Company Names.

Two new generators   (09-26-2004)
Fredrik Svanberg's NPC Appearance and Megacorporation generators.

Look into the crystal ball....   (09-19-2004)
...and what do you see? Joe Mays' Fortune Teller generator!

Two new tables   (07-13-2004)
Two new contributed generators - Joe Mays' Bar Encounters and Richard K's Random Sci-Fi Soldier generator.

While you're in town...   (06-24-2004)
Need something to keep the characters busy in town? Try this Adventure Hook generator.

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